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Abstract art

I am by nature a perfection freak.  I seek detail and a lot of it.  Every line and point has to be as recognizable as possible when compared to the real item I am trying to imitate.  I treat any art piece which veers from the conventional detail-seeking approach to be a personal challenge.  The true sailor is tested in rough sees and I expand my skills and creativity by indulging in abstract works.  

Lines of Symmetry 

- Pelvis depiction

This work was done using ink for the dark outlines and shading and watercolor for colouration.  I named the piece as so due to the fact that I only applied colour to one side.  I folded the paper through the middle for a the fresh paint to imprint a copy of itself on the other side of the paper, giving a wonderful result

Oily Roads

- Road in Valletta

This work was done using oil pastel for the saturated colours and chalk pastel for the gradient effects.  The curvilinear roads of Valletta are common to most Maltese eyes, therefore I took this approach to create a piece which although recognizable, is like no one has ever seen with their bare eyes.

Distant Walls

- Grand harbor depiction
- Direct on canvas

This work was done using acrylic paint with the occasional use of ink.  Anyone with even the most basic practice of acrylic knows that it is one of the hardest paints to work with.  I managed to make the coloured shapes seamless by covering the area around it with tape, then removing it after it dries.  With skill, man can do great things, with both skill and patience, man can do everything.


- Action Painting 01

This piece is a relique from my old self to me.  Despite being done years ago, I still treat it as an example of how irrationality can be so beautiful. 


- Action Painting 02

- Red drawing pad on larger white one to create border

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