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Biology Tuition

I provide O & A level Biology Private tuition

Contact: 79957785

Details, Reviews and further contact information below. 

Mature students also accepted!

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Note on Recordings:

I have both the O and A level syllabus available as lesson recordings that you can watch anytime - anywhere (including the theory and the revision sessions).  All topics are mentioned in a table of contents and are available as written notes too which will be provided with the recordings.  As bonus recordings, there is also a crash course revision session and a session on tackling paper 3s and essays.  You are welcome to email me on: or contact me on 79957785 to receive the table of contents to choose from the available recordings. 


I also provide O and A level biology as online (live) sessions as the video is saying, so you're also welcome to enroll too if you wish. 

You will retain access to these videos for a whole scholastic year (till after the last exam of the same scholastic year, don't worry) and you may request just 1 video or in bundles. 


The side of science
Antonio Polidano Vella
(B.Sc. (hons) Medical Biochemistry)

(PhD scholar Medicine & Surgery)



I currently practice as a Leukaemia research scientist at the Department of Anatomy of the University of Malta. I am currently working on a new treatment called combination therapy seeking to improve the treatment of Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML).

The experiments I have conducted so far prove that combination therapy is not only efficaciously superior to monotherapies but also has the potential to make already resistant forms of the cancer susceptible to treatment again. I seek to advance research on these new treatments as part of my PhD programme. The main question I will be researching is what exactly is going on inside the cells to make these treatments so effective and can treatments be coupled with individual mutations that patients present with.


Read more about my research through the button below.

Co-funded Local Initiatives

giving a face to Maltese research

Many times, the names and faces of researchers are lost behind the interminable barrage of modern-day distractions.  We occasionally hear of interesting discoveries, but most of us never bother to look deeper into who deserves the credit. We want to change that; we want the researchers to be in the spotlight of our magazine. We want to call this incentive SKOPRI - we believe it is fitting given the purpose of the magazine. Our audience is not aimed solely to other academics, but the general public.

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