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My Sketchbook

An artist's abilities are not only crystallized in works which take weeks to complete but may be presented in simple but captive drawings made in his or her trusty sketchbook.


Most works which I depict in my sketchbook are precursors of much larger and cumbersome projects which require a proper visualization of what is expected in a fraction of the time. 

Mathematically correct gear system which functions as a watch.  Completed with 3D printed parts which symbolize what is expected to be made if it was to be materialized.

Cognitive heart depiction using ink, watercolours and PLA for the gear pieces.

Precursor of one of the most sophisticated project I have embarked on so far.  Piece could be found under my Surrealist section.

Surrealist brain depiction using ink, watercolours and PLA for the gramaphone pieces.

Precursor of a far larger and sophisticated project I have embarked on.  Piece could be found under my Surrealist section.


Depiction of an angel looking over Mdina, Malta.  Done using watercolours.  Precursor of a commissioned piece on wood.


Sketch serving as a precursor of the final self-portrait piece depicted on the home page.  Made in oils on A4 sketchbook.

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