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"Like most children, my younger self experienced a phase in which everything seemed to interest me as a career. I would think of becoming an astronaut, a train operator and a doctor on the same day.  But two disciplines, despite being so polarized by the public, left a compelling mark on me.   These were careers pertaining to the visual arts and scientific research.


I commenced my art mentorship privately from the age of 7 and have undergone informal education under multiple national artists since then.  When it comes to art (and virtually any other discipline) one tutor has what the other does not, and the vast spectrum of techniques I’ve practiced endowed me with a skill set to accomplish a generous range of projects. 


I purvey my art to the public through exhibitions, private commissions and collaborations with associations and commercial companies.  All pieces in my portfolio are also available as prints.


As of 2020,  I started practicing as an independent artist.


I have also expressed my admiration towards the sciences by following advanced academic education in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology and have graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Biochemistry, from the University of Malta, my motherland.  

I am currently enrolled in a PhD where I study a type of leukaemia called Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML)

Read more about my research through the button below.

I‘ve been drawn towards scientific research as I am particularly fascinated by the repercussions of discovery and invention. How with the right focus, funding and cooperation, the world of research keeps pushing what we thought was achievable. 


For over a decade, it has been my pleasure and dedication to produce pieces which best describe my ideas, my research and my feelings in a medium which surpasses all language and ethnic barriers."


15th September 2018, Mdina – Private Pieces commissioned for famiglia Testaferrata de Noto.

29th September 2018, Zejtun - Public

Pieces on show:

Surrealist series 
Iron heart / Fragile mind and sotto la pelle.

Exhibition zejtun ad.jpg


Good Friday, April 2020, Zejtun

Exhibition cancelled due to the CoronaVirus pandemic

Pieces on show:

gods of Concrete and Stainless Steel


25-30th May 2020, Online Exhibition

Call for artworks amalgamating art and science for the European Week Against Cancer (EWAC)

Pieces on show:

Intracellular Voyage

An intracellular journey. Antonio..jpg


25-30th May 2021, Online Exhibition

Call for artworks amalgamating art and science for the European Week Against Cancer (EWAC)

Pieces on show:

Intracellular Voyage + Science Prevails



15th - 27th February 2022,

Kuncett Art Cafe

Strada Stretta

Valletta - Public


8th June - 20th July 2022

Date Art Cafe

Bormla - Public


1st - 13th November 2022,

Kuncett Art Cafe

Strada Stretta

Valletta - Public


From 19th August 2023 -

19th November 2023

Palazzo Hamsa mill

Providenza Street

Hal Balzan - Public

Exhibition Antonio Polidano Vella PNG FINAL NEW 02plus.png


Digital Creations


I had to opportunity to serve a term as the Creative director of a University organization I co-founded with a number of other enthusiastic students, called MBSA.

The association's role is to give a voice to young Biochemists on campus and beyond.

For a snippet of more digital artwork, please click the button below

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