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Digital Design

I have to honest ... I was hesitant to embrace digital arts.  Having been tutored using physical art media such as paint and canvases all my life, the necessary shift to digital media was met with my occasional hard head.

Though, just like most changes. I look back and am glad I took the time and effort to learn using digital media for artistic expression.

Photoshop, Website creation and Video editing have been indisputable skills for an artist and scientist alike ...

Minimalist design of modern university thesis cover (left)

Starting from school projects and proceeding as a local entrepreneurship, I embarked on co-founding a number of organisations serving a philanthropic role.  

I have been temporarily elected as CEO of the company GEAR which worked on providing a service that grants citizens with more places to park in, solving the parking pandemic. 

When operational, I have also worked as the company designer, working on uniforms, fliers, business cards and banners all for the success of our dream.

Discussion on live televisions with respectable local Mayors, introducing the company to the public.

Project Genesis

in Collaboration with Leonardo Barilaro; pianist and aerospace engineer

Portfolio snippet as digital creative Director

The following are samples which have been presented as potential candidates for a logo representing Medical Biochemistry Students' Association.  The final design accepted and used to this day is the 5th item presented below.

Course logo circles grey 3.jpg
Course logo circles grey 2.jpg
Course logo neuron.jpg
Logo MBSA PNG circular.png

More examples of creative work done in light of events requested by the organisation

Christmas_flyer MBSA new 2.jpg
MBSA Workshop SITC.png
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