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Lab Art

As elaborated in my autobiography, I have spent the previous 5 years studying science at a professional level at school and later in college.  As an artist, I have always observed the elegance why which nature has constructed it's creations, even to the cellular level.  During my Chemistry classes, I was captivated by the texture, consistence and colour of most chemicals I was working with.  It is amazing how ascetically appealing certein small phenomena can be.  All you need to do in order to notice the beauty is to stop and look.

Microscopic picture of plant cells from a cross section of a stem.  Taken by patiently focusing a smartphone camera through the lens of an optical microscope.


More  images on my Instagram profile

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This was my first attempt at recreating a microscopic image using fine ink pens and watercolor
A2 / psychically divided into distinct layers

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