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Anatomical studies


4 months and 3 visits to art shops for the same coloured aquarelle pencil produced one of my most cherished works of art.  Art is my passion but I am also studying sciences on an professional level with the goal of becoming a research scientist.  The human body is undoubtedly the most fascinating machine, from the gracious precision of certain muscles to the sheer complexity of neural networks.  This interest pushed me to creating a depiction of the human skeletal and muscular system using a scale comparable to that of a young human.

I divided the drawing into four A3 sized sketching pads both for a modern collage-like presentation and also for me to treat each body part distinctly to admire the detail and harmony by which the body's systems are endowed with.

Anatomical Heart painting

- A1 canvas paper adhered to wood

Medium: OIls

It is always great to invest time and energy in oneself.  Make yourself always a bit better than yesterday.

But, there is only a finite amount of time and energy. 

And when that time and energy runs out, what will remain?  A perfect 'self' but a self that is none the less alone.

Time and energy is best shared as much as it is invested in the self.  A perfectly anatomical heart is mesmerizing but a noticeable  nothingness would develop if no connections are made with others.

This piece adds to my collection of works related to anatomical studies and is unique in its glorification of simplicity given by its abundant white space while also credits the beauty of complexity and accuracy.

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