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Da Vinci L.

Genius collection No. 2

When your average Joe is asked to imagine Leonardo Da Vinci, he or she would most probably picture an old man with a long ungroomed beard, holding the Mona Lisa portrait.  Attempting to veer off this stereotypical path, I pursued to depict the artist inventor in a way which instills cognitive dissonance to anyone who sees it.

Geniuses are not born, they're made and I can imagine Leonardo in his early 30s attempting to design a world centuries ahead of his time.  While most other men his age were concerned on farming their land, taking care of families and gossiping on each other's wives, DaVinci was designing flying machines, diving equipment, tanks, parachutes and many other devices which we today take for granted.

Made with aquarelles during a span of around 2 and a half weeks.  A3 / 160GSM

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