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Beauty Beneath

- Modern depiction of torsal muscles

Made using aquarelles softened with water to give it the consistency of water colours.  Darker lines made with ink post drying of the first layer of pigments.

A3 / 220 GSM


This modern depiction of the anatomical and vascular structures of the hand was made as with colori sanguina aquarelles..

A3 / 220 GSM

Old Ink

Made completely with ink using both fine tipped pens and permanent markers.

A3 / 180 GSM


This specifically chosen area from a nude depiction was drawn and painted in 3 different styles which complement each other through proportion and colour.  The top one was done with chalk pastelles and aquarelles, the second with acrylics and aquarelles and the last mostly with acrylics.

A3 / 220 GSM each

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