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Other Works

Broken flowers

- Modern depiction of a vase with flowers

Made completely using oils on 4 separate canvasses.  Commissioned for a house living room.

Bronze reptile​


This was a rather unique experiment.  I attempted to draw half a reptilian treating it's skin as if it was polished bronze.  It was a great exercise to help me identify how light reflects are refracts on shiny metals.

A3 / 220 GSM each

Black Forrest

Made completely with ink from fine tipped pens to permanent artist grade markers.. I consider this to be a relique of my early youth as well as it was completed a few years ago.

A3 / 220 GSM

Gutenberg press

- depiction of sinking ship

This piece was done using the same principle which led to the very first books being printed.  I engraved an image on the underside of a rubber mat, covered it with ink, then pressed it hard to a textured pad slightly larger than A3.

The result is my very first trial with this medium, conducted a few years ago.

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