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All prints are recommended direct on high quality canvas. Small and Medium prints come glass framed. Large and Extra Large prints come with canvas stretched & wood mounted.


Canvas Petite 21 cm x 29.7 cm - glass framed - no border
Canvas Small* 29.7 x 42.0cm - glass framed - no border
Canvas Medium 50 cm x 70 cm - glass framed - Silver/Gold border
Canvas Large 70 cm x 100 cm - canvas stretched & wood mounted (deep edge) - no border
Canvas Grande 85 cm x 120 cm - canvas stretched & wood mounted (deep edge) - no border


*For the 29.7 x 42.0cm size, alternative printing methods are available:

Medium quality paper print - €19.90

High quality artist paper print - €29.90

High quality canvas print - €39.90

Artwork was inspired by the mechanisms by which viruses replicate. Just like the ship, resembling a pirate's vessel, said viruses head towards the genomic material of the host cell which is contained in the blue sphere, called a nucleus. There, the viruses seek to commit their malicious deeds by reprogramming the cell into producing copies of themselves using its own resources.

This piece makes part of a category in my portfolio consisting of #art inspired by #science, particularly medicine, in an attempt to pull these two subjects together and break the stereotype of art and science being somewhat distant in society.

Original Made using oils on canvas and finished off with layers of varnish - Piece A1 size | Antonio Polidano Vella

An Intracellular Journey | Ship approaching Cell Nucleus

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