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Academic Projects

Horses in motion

Aquarelles, pastelles and ink are a few of the media used to complete this unique piece.  Made as the main art project for my college entry exam, it envelops not only the peculiar manifestation of horses in one drawing but also the hours of research committed to exhibit each art style as perfectly as possible.  

A few examples are the inspiration from Franz Marc for the coloured horses top left,  Antonio sciortino's masterpiece 'speed' for the top middle horse and the general steampunk culture added to the overall appearance of the piece.

Finished in around 4 months, A3 (with added border) / >220GSM

Bottom right detail

Center Left detail

Tangled in Time

- Creative still life

The 1960s era projector was drawn from an authentic one in a still-life fashion.  The tapes and background were added later to give the still-life a creative touch.  All of the drawing was done in acquarelles, A3 / 220 GSM 

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